Below you will find the complaint/commendation form you are seeking. This form is for the provision of information regarding excellent customer service and care provided by any of our public safety telecommunicators (PST’s) or to provide information in regard to an issue or concern following a call for service to dispatch.

Please fill out all of the forms and use the narrative box to supply your narrative statement pertaining to your complaint or commendation. This will be used to either notify the telecommunicator’s excellent service to you or begin the investigation, should that be warranted.

Please be advised that while email submissions are delivered directly to the Executive Director of REDA, all REDA personnel have access to and handle documents delivered to REDA via fax. Therefore, REDA does not guarantee the privacy of submissions provided through fax…

Once a complaint/commendation is received, what happens next?

    • Are you are reporting excellent customer service or outstanding work on the part of the public safety telecommunicator or supervisor? If so, your information will be transcribed onto a letter of commendation to be presented to the employee at the next regularly scheduled REDA Executive Board Meeting following receipt. These are Open Meetings and as such, you will be notified of the date/time and you are free to attend and meet the PST that assisted you.
    • Is it of a criminal nature? If so, it will be assigned to an officer/deputy, as is appropriate for the jurisdiction of the submitter’s residence. You will be notified of any such assignment and subsequent investigation.
  • Is it a matter of poor customer service or mishandling of a record of call? If so, all phone conversations are recorded at REDA. If accurate date/time of the phone call is provided, those recordings can and will be reviewed by the administration for determination of further action, if any is warranted. You will be notified of the outcome as well.

Bambi Kern
Executive Director
Regional Emergency Dispatch Authority

The Compliment/Complaint form can be downloaded and filled out here.

Click here for Compliment/Complaint form